Ant Prevention Tips

Serving Post Falls, ID and Surrounding Areas Including Coeur d`Alene

Over the years the pest control experts at Bug Blasters has really seen it all. Our licensed and trained pest professionals have dealt with varying levels of ant infestations in homes and businesses across the Post Falls, ID area including Coeur d`Alene.

There are several different ant extermination treatments for homeowners and business owners to select from, so it is important that you have a detailed conversation with your pest control company to come up with the best treatment plan.

Once the existing ant infestation is taken care of we recommend that you follow the below steps to prevent a future ant infestation:

• Keep your floors clean
• Be sure to wipe down your counter tops
• Take out your trash daily
• Clean up any grease spills

At the end of the day ants are attracted to food and dirt, so keeping a tidy kitchen is one of the easiest things in your control to avoid an ant infestation. However, even when all the proper precautions are taken ant infestations can still happen. If you think that you might have an ant infestation then call our pest control company today to learn more about our ant removal services,(208) 758-1890!

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