Don’t Let Earwigs Take Over Your Property

Don’t Let Earwigs Take Over Your Property

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Pest infest both homes and businesses alike. As the seasons change you will start to notice an increase in nuisance pests such as earwigs. An earwig is a tiny insect that resembles a silverfish. This particular insect is typically:

  • Brown or black in color
  • Usually about 1 inch long
  • Has forceps and wings

While earwigs feed off leaves, flowers, fruits, and plants which are found primary outdoors these pests can make their way in to the interior of your property. Once earwigs set up shop in your home or business they feed off of materials with cellulose. Even though once inside earwigs are not near their primary source of food, they can still survive off items such as books, newspapers, magazines, and more.

Just like with any pest infestation you should contact a pest control expert at the first sign of the infestation. Our team of pest control experts will treat your property and set up preventive measures to help you avoid a future infestation.

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