Roach Removal

Post Falls, ID and surrounding areas including Coeur d`Alene

Roaches are one of the most undesirable pests that make their way into your home and business. Roaches are both unsightly and are carries of a variety of diseases. Therefore, it is important that if you think you have a roach infestation that you contact a pest control expert to inspect your property. Our pest control company provides roach removal services in Post Falls, ID and the surrounding areas including Coeur d`Alene. Contact us today to learn more about our removal services!

Roach Prevention Tips

Once a roach infestation is taken care of then there are certain precautions that you can take to avoid getting a roach infestation again. Our pest control company recommends that you take the following roach prevention steps:

• Keep a clean kitchen
• Take out the trash
• Wipe down floors and cabinets weekly
• Store food in sealed containers
• Keep trash cans clean and moved away from the structure of your home