That Spider Isn’t Likely to Give You Superpowers – Though it Might Very Well Bite

Our exterminators provide spider removal service in Post Falls, ID and the surrounding areas including Coeur d`Alene

Most spiders are harmless to humans, but some are poisonous. Unless you’re an expert at telling the difference, let the spider pest control pros at Bug Blasters remove them from your Post Falls, ID home. We can find them, whether they’re living in the damp areas of your home (like crawl spaces and basements) or the dry ones (like air vents and corners). You can count on us to send those spiders packing.

Put us on Spider Pest Control 

Spiders can crawl through open or poorly secured doors or windows to get into your home. They can also latch onto items you bring in and out of your house. We can exterminate all of Idaho’s most common spiders, including:

  • Brown recluse spiders
  • Black widow spiders
  • Hobo spiders
  • Wolf spiders

We offer one-time service or routine pest control maintenance. Contact us today to get those creepy crawlies out of your home.