Shoo Wasps Away From Your Post Falls, ID or Surrounding Area Home Including Coeur d`Alene

Getting rid of wasp nests can be tricky. Wasps tend to build their nests where they won’t be bothered, which could be high up on the exterior of your Post Falls, ID home or even in the wood exterior of your home. You could go weeks or months before realizing you have a wasp problem. Wasps are more prevalent during the warmer months when we host backyard barbeques and outdoor gatherings. Don’t risk someone in your family getting stung and suffering from a serious allergic reaction.

Depend on the professionals at Bug Blasters to solve your wasp problem. We know how to safely remove any nest, no matter its shape or size.

Prevent wasps from building nests around your home

Here are three ways you can keep wasps from making themselves at home:

  1. Remove trash and keep your outside areas tidy
  2. Maintain the fixtures and structures outside your home
  3. Keep your plants and bushes trimmed

If you’ve already spotted a nest on your home, call us today to clear it away for you.